New Models For Cultural Development

July 1, 2013

By Barbushe Maina
Re: Launch of Phase two of the Drum café—Kenya
From 3
September 2013 Drum Café will launch the second phase of its consolidated arts project aimed at providing an
overview of our diverse contexts and perspectives as well as providing the so much needed technique and skill development,
the opening shall be an artist’s residency in Nakuru town facilitated by internationally acclaimed visual artists with a purpose
of creating and providing diverse cultural and development experiences.
As part of a community social development intervention, THE DRUM CAFE undertook of a project to transform a collection
of idealistic artists, writers and educationalists into a solid committed functional vehicle for national development addressing
the role of government and public policy, as well as specific casesand models, research and comparative analysis in these
creative times. The project envisages putting up programmes to benefit vast audiences from both rural and urban areas around
Kenya, in a number of disciplines – cultural and developmental.
Artists and their communities shall be moved individually and collectively through coming into close with this project. Moved
to enact improved life choices, moved to imagine and envisage change,moved by the power of performance to reflect the
human conditions, moved to make decisive choices.
Here below are the activities planned for the Launch:-
1. Artists Residency
Residence shall start on 3
September and close on 21
September 2013. The closing is to coincide with other local
and international activities to mark the World Peace day. Among the activities during the residency are, a one week
concentration on thematically addressed art pieces which shall be usedas educational pieces in future activities, a ten
days painting of nature and conservational inspired art workson walls around the way to Lake Nakuru National park
and an inspirational tour by the artists in Nakuru Countybefore the wall painting commence. All activities shall be
documented and an archive shall be established at the county counciland the Drum café shall publish the same online.
2. The Conference
A two days conference shall be held from 17
October to 18
October 2013 it shall have 50 participants from
different parts of the world and shall also have panel and roundtable discussions with thematic performances with
special sessions based on the following topics.
1. Best practices cross cutting across the different genres of the arts and pursued innovations within a cultural
2. Means and methods of engaging communities with their heritage and histories to become entrepreneurial owners
of their own creative industries,
3. Advancement of linguistic diversity as a fundamental element of cultural diversity,
4. The fundamental role that education plays in the protection and promotion of cultural expressions,
5. The importance of the vitality of cultures, which include persons belonging to minorities and indigenous peoples,
as manifested in their freedom to create, disseminate and distribute their traditional cultural expressions,
6. The vital role of cultural interaction and creativity, which nurture and renew cultural expressions and the role
played by those involved in the development of culture for the progress of society at large; and
7. The importance of intellectual property rights in sustaining those involved in cultural creativity.
After the conference the resolutions shall be read and made public through various publications and media outlets
3. Gala Camp Night
A Gala camp night shall be organized at Eagles Point on The 18
of October 2013 from 7.00pm to Midnight. Among
the activities shall be performances of Music from local and international artists, Spoken word, Comedy, Speeches
from stake holders and sponsors, a raffle draw and camp fire. Other activities such as refreshments and snacks, meals,
barbeque, exhibitions, company promotion activities, DJs and MCs are planned to expand the excitement of the event.
4. Excursion Drumming
It is proposed that on the 19
all participating groups shall be given a chance to tour the great Rift valley, experience
the echo world and use this opportunity to create awareness of the potential of Nakuru County in the tourism world.
The artists shall drum at certain sites to celebrate nature and appreciate creativity, cultural diversity and humanity.
5. The Master Drummers Concert
On the climax of the launch, selected artistic performances shall be put on stage at Lake Nakuru N. Park on the 20
October coinciding with Mashuja day celebrations headlined by the Master drummers’ concert. The events are
designed to reflect practical demonstrations of affects that expresscultural diversity dynamics and the power of
cultural goods and services as a product; generate new developmental deals for a real cultural enterprise that focuses
on artistic development.
Interested participants should send their Applications and CVs with a sample of their past work
not more than 2 pieces, to reach the secretariat before 29
June 2013. Successful applicants shall
be notified by the end of July and invitations withdetails shall be forwarded.
Potential facilitators are requested also to send their applications together with their CVs
not later than the date mentioned above.
P.O. BOX 10018 Nakuru
TEL: +254724739812/+254720204271
Coordinator’s email:


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