June 11, 2013


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Carolyne Florence posted on Wednesday at 5.50pm via mobile:

Could someone tell me why Suzzana would create a rouge thread known as diaspora v to distort moneyutf peoplen facebook having criminals AB Murage n Mike Jow possing to be the lawyer n Benson Kwanzu Lawabiding Citizen being their prey! Benarduya could u tell ur friend these are conmen n a rouge criminal calling herself SEB. Where were they n y couldn’t they advise my Hero RAO promptly? Useless cheats, Mike Jow n Jagdish sensing danger left the thread l Carolyne Florence will deal with them n they shall know what am madef useless fools! So digusting people l had respect for turningut to be crooks. The Whore Elizabeth Anyango knows how to call ppl names yet she is the most rotten goon l said l would come to the bottomf this!

Kigali-based Carolyne Florence

Kigali-based Carolyne Florence

Jagdish Morjaria Ms Carolyne~ what is this? What are you talking abt when you say I left ‘sensing Danger’. What Danger Carolyne??? Are YOU suggesting what??? Please clarify. Is this what YOU don social media??? This Is Not Good and never ever expected it from YOU. Butbviously, I was wrong~But Please CLARiFY

Jagdish Morjaria What YoU mean I Left sensing ‘Danger’~what Danger. I must have clarification unless you wish me to activate my channels here in U.K. To seek clarification. So please ~do respond and request constructively. Jagdish.

Carolyne Florence Jagdish ur shocking me coz l don’t colude with criminals n l said l would get to the bottomf this n expose them didn’t l say that yesr no?

Carolyne Florence Abhongo this woman SEB is a criminal n that is why guys George Awinyo, Justus Atuti and Tom Jorgen left the group can u imagine they confused Benson Kwanzu so that they com him n when they realized l was talking to this guyn phone AB MJ The international whore Elizabeth Anyango hawled insults at me! SEB doon’t know am unstoppabble n unmoveable….

Carolyne Florence Chris Sunday, n Ellymondi sorry guys l was so furious n mad jana just went to bed n Kwanzu is a fool coz l told him n instead told the hooligans again can u imagine n he lied to them l was in Busia which was a hoarx too we spokeken phone n he never was in busia he was @ CDC KEMRI can u imagigine so who was fooling who?

Carolyne Florence Anthonymbuorohchieng didn’t know n innocently kept sending this guy bible verses l bet he read this in as much as he too was being brain washed with SEB

Carolyne Florence SBO Steve Bikokoth thanks for standing by me n Maurice Morrey More ur a coward n wonder why u even have RAO’s pic as ur profile pic!


Ex PM Raila

Ex PM Raila

Carolyne Florence Ellymondidhiambo remember this shroode woman SEB clashed with youn AB Murage’s post sometime back? It’s coz u were too smart for her n she wouldnt cage u did u ever ask urself why am sure now it clicks well then it didn’t! What a shameless woman l said it n would still repeat let thm stop using RAO’s name for conning guys SHAMEN THEM WHERE WERE THEY WHEN RAO NEEDED THEM THE MOST USELESS PIMPS?

Zèðèkìæh Çhègè Øløwæ Cf,david aliedo ni nani!

Ellymondidhiambo rightk whats happening here, some money was raised and then?

Carolyne Florence Elly money was donated n l think this is what SEB has been doing l don’t know where it was taken coz it’s sent to George Kaiuki in Kenya n where it endnly hell knows!

Zèðèkìæh Çhègè Øløwæ Thats why i never sent my money

Carolyne Florence Millie Monques, the whole drama started when Benson Kwanzu now calling himself Lawabiding Citizen Core Note came to Africa n they wanted him reapedff. So when they realized this man wwas communicating with me he was told to keepff coz they knooew…

Carolyne Florence Chege, David Aliedo is a member in diaspora vk..

Ellymondidhiambo If anyf you has lost money then i blame you.Money is not to b played around with.Without accusing anyone, i would to know why Kenyans in the diaspora think that those back home cannot afford to foot the bill for political matters henceDM raising funds for itself in Nairobi?

Ellymondidhiambok so Benson Kwanzu is not Africanr is he? And what about the spirited fighter Suzanna? And has she done something wrong which is provabler do you guys have a beef between yourselves, just a bitf clarification because somef us are shocked at these sentiments

Rozy A Hone i will term it as ignoranceDM can foot their bills they arenef the richest political parties venture your money in more productive avenues and if you want to fundDM they have an acc.on their website you can check itut money passed through individual hands ends up in their pockets at the long run.For the lovef my party Caro expose the rogue woman.

Abdallah Jei Carolyn, what’re you talking about?!!Are you referring to Suzzana Bacchus, please clarify your points more clearly please!!Has your page been hacked maybe!!

Carolyne Florence Yes Suzzana Bacchus Adallah Jei n shamen her a million times nkt!

Carolyne Florence Benson Kwanzu is African n a medical practitioner based in the UK Elly the bonef contation her is l expossed Mikke Jow and AB Murage that they were moles to Kwanzuk that’s where the beef started for she needed Mike Jow to pose as a lawywer which he aintk!

Barrack Obama-US President

Barrack Obama-US President

Carolyne Florence Rosy A Hone, she hasn’t seen the worstf me n she will know why Alego has brilliant chaps Obama ruling America Carolyne Florence is an Alego product too not a zombie!

Abdallah Jei Sweetheart, give us time to regainur composure! such news tampers a lot withur neurons! we’d rather wish it’s not true but just a bad dream, Caro!

Andrea Benmedo Ive read all these comments andne thing friends. Be careful with money, it doesn’t come easy and if you want to fund a political party do it through good channels bcoz somef us are just hustlers juakali and these parties people do business with the…

Rozy A Hone Ahem allow me to call you powerpuff gal thihihi how can she swindle people’s money with the pretencef helping the partyut Aaah the party has many donors Ramaphosa just to mention but a fewa big eye and enlighten the diasporians against the mojo jojo I this Carol soldiern…..

Carolyne Florence I did Rozy darling n watch my next move the way she was beliting CJ Willy Mutunga it’s her turn u don’t throw stones at pple while living in a glass house NEVER!

Will Mutunga-Kenyan CJ

Will Mutunga-Kenyan CJ

Antonyyugirder please.I know AB and Suzzie.and they are not cons

Abdallah Jei Caro! my day is wrecked beyond immediate repair!it’s going to be gloomy all way the whole day! Please, before you start anything give us time to do some independent inquiries if you won’t mind, sweet C!

Rozy A Hone Keep me posted all the best.

Ellymondidhiambo Eeei am still in shock

Carolyne Florence Anthonyyugi go sing that to the birds in the air u don’t know what transpired just shut the hell upk, how do l know if ur notnef them ah?

Carolyne Florence Adallah Jei this not a thingf todayr n l know wewe ni kigewgeu who cares the damage is already done n they didn’t skim well am l clear? Why say Mike Jow is lawyer n he aint what was their mission with that? Answer me ah!

Carolyne Florence Anthonyyugi this was in a thread where all this was happenining stop telling me about account hacking ask Catherine Tshindoli, Justus Atuti who was in the group. Ask Anthonychiengmbuoro George Awinyo, Kijanambati is here what bullshit are u tel…

Carolyne Florence I GOT FACTS NOT ISSUESK!

Antonyyugi And lets take it slown emotions.if you approach this soberly then we can find a way forward

Carolyne Florence I gave n did with all my heartk what l hate is what happenedn Sunday when LCCN was being lied to n when l told him to be careful every seemedffended Antony do me a favour since u know nothing about it just shut up n keepff am l clear n none i…

Carolyne Florence I will do anything for RAO n would keep the fight for justice n am wondering what made u commentedn my status coz uv never done so n not evenn a single day not my postsr my status so kindly keepff the way uv always donek!

Abdallah Jei This page has definitely been HACKED! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

This isn’t the Caro we knew so much, no this CAN’T BE THE CARO WE KNOW! Stay Blessed Everyone!

Carolyne Florence Aballah Jei keepff my postsk n my account isn’t hacked don’t confuse guys here u too sound them moles don’t make me delete ur stupid comments go pls ur accomplists rubbish!

Major Rawlings Lok Caro is speaking facts we all knowf the evil misdeedsf Suzz and cohorts

Carolyne Florence Rawlings the truth never rots it always comesut no matter what n how late when it’s spoken it pinches n stings real hard you know! Somef us stand it for the better but the rougues n evil minded would never change no matter how hard they’re hit Rawlings.



Carolyne Florence Elijah Kinyanjui thanks for sharing my statusn ur wall n it should be a lesson to more moles n crooks for am not done with expossing them yet this is just a tipf an iceberg but they should know am workingn this wth the international inteligence a…

Mildreddongo They are soiling the good name Railadinga. You never know how manyther people they have conned in the namef Raila. People insteadf giving money to goons, we haverphans around that you can take to school in your villages. Start a better initiative with your money. Am sure if Raila needed money he would call a fund raiser. Learn to question upfront. Sorry Caro bt good thing to informthers.

Carolyne Florence Thanks darling Mildred can you imagine how stupid n rotten ppl are! They lost honest members Justus Atuti from that rougue thread simply coz he needed clarificationsn how the money would be spent n why the group members weren’t contacted before .

Raila when Ethiopians blocked his Turkana tour

Raila when Ethiopians blocked his Turkana tour

Carolyne Florence The whole world must know what this criminal susanna is upto l said l would expose them n it would be a lesson tothers as well! A big shamen them how can l be quiet when they reepff innocent pple for theirwn selfish greed where were they when Raila needed them the most ah?

Mildreddongo It is sad bt a wake up call. Dnt allow them to get close to you again. Ever. Better feed chokora.

Carolyne Florence Guys should know the rougues started a new con group/thread known as June 4. 2013 unityf progressf prosperity n wondering progressing in what?

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